17 July 2011

Return to 15 Day Challenge

Needless to say, it is over, but I have found out a lot about other products and my hair through it all.

Here are the remaining three days:

Day 13- Share your favourite natural hair blog/vlog
My favourite blog is hautepinkheels.blogspot.com (highly suggest the visit to this site, so worth while)
My favourite vlogs are by "Thinknappythoughts" and "Ajalocsitup" on youtube.

Day 14- Apply your favourite leave in conditioner and rock a wash n go.
Seeing as how I have locs.....everyday I wash my hair, it's a wash n go day with leave in conditioner....that's just the way of the locs, I suppose.

Day 15- Compile and upload a slideshow of your natural hair journey.
It's a lot of photos.....So, I'm going to do this when I have a bit more free time on my hands.

12 July 2011

Hair Challenge

I am on this 15 day hair challenge. I got to day 6 with no problem, but since life seemed to get in the way off my activities, I had to hold back on posting. So, I'll just finish it up here.

Day 7- Create an updo using twist out/braid out/bantu knot out.

Day 8- Wash and deep condition hair

Day 9- Try a new style that you've never done before
Because my locs are still sort of new, and I've been going through somethings, I've yet to try something new with them. Stay tuned.

Day 10- Add an accessory to your hair
Here are some I like to add to my hair:

Day 11- Make an easy DIY product
Sometimes, I like to take the "hair grease" that I have, and add extra elements to them. In the picture below, I have Herbal thick "grease" and I've added Pooka Oil (which has lemon oil, avocado oil, olive oil,rosemary oil, and peppermint oil, I added some castor oil and some WGO and I usually let it sit in the freezer for a couple of hours, but I forgot to do it this time around)

Day 12- Show favourite product(s) and tell why you love it/them
This is the Pooka Oil

05 July 2011

Changing it up!

I love to try new things with my locs! They are exciting, after all!

Here are some pictures of these bad boys:

03 July 2011


My Regime to care for and maintain my locs is fairly simple, and I think, fairly easy.
So, without further a due, here is my regime!

Once a week, I put a mixture of ghee and oil in my hair overnight to obtain the ultimate moisture for the week.

I wash my hair once every week with Jason Natural Biotin shampoo and conditioner.

and I then finish with Apple Cider Vinegar, which is one cup of lukewarm water to 2 table spoons ACV

When the wash is finished, I then let my hair air dry.

The next day, I'll spritz my hair with a water/lime mixture and then a water/oil mixture

I'll then oil my scalp/oil my hair (seal the ends, really) with pure castor oil.

Finally, I'll use a cream based conditioner to hold in the moisture for the week (Usually, the Biotin conditioner).

I oil my scalp everyday, because my scalp is prone to be very dry, and it is very necessary, and I do the moisture part (spritz, conditioner, oil) every other day.

I tighten my hair when I see fit. I usually interlock the hair (with a latch hook) because my hair never stays when I just twist the root, but hopefully, like in the near future, I can twist the root of the hair and go.

See! Simple!