03 July 2011


My Regime to care for and maintain my locs is fairly simple, and I think, fairly easy.
So, without further a due, here is my regime!

Once a week, I put a mixture of ghee and oil in my hair overnight to obtain the ultimate moisture for the week.

I wash my hair once every week with Jason Natural Biotin shampoo and conditioner.

and I then finish with Apple Cider Vinegar, which is one cup of lukewarm water to 2 table spoons ACV

When the wash is finished, I then let my hair air dry.

The next day, I'll spritz my hair with a water/lime mixture and then a water/oil mixture

I'll then oil my scalp/oil my hair (seal the ends, really) with pure castor oil.

Finally, I'll use a cream based conditioner to hold in the moisture for the week (Usually, the Biotin conditioner).

I oil my scalp everyday, because my scalp is prone to be very dry, and it is very necessary, and I do the moisture part (spritz, conditioner, oil) every other day.

I tighten my hair when I see fit. I usually interlock the hair (with a latch hook) because my hair never stays when I just twist the root, but hopefully, like in the near future, I can twist the root of the hair and go.

See! Simple!

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