16 October 2011

Coffee...For Hair Growth? For Cellulite?

I came across a study that said, when you combine coffee grinds (you know, the stuff that is left in the coffee machine after the coffee has been made), and your own oils or greases (Although, I don't advise anyone to use a non-raw grease, and when I say "non-raw," I mean, a grease with lots of synthetic ingredients/products), and then use it on your scalp, it helps to stimulate hair growth.

At first, I wasn't too keen on the idea of smelling like a coffee pot, but I got to thinking. With leaving my hair alone for the rest of the winter, combined with my Vatika and Amla oils and a coffee/raw grease scalp treatment, something good may spring up from this, non? Oui, I say, oui, it will, and I am going to start tomorrow. (I took down the 3 strand twist cause I had an appointment with a happy birthday girl and tbh, my hair was so shoddy, no real parts, just something to keep my hair in).

I'll be using this until around this time next year, and when you can see real results. I'm going to post the regime that I'll be using so that you can have a good idea as to what I'll be doing.

Now, as for using coffee grinds in the fight against cellulite, all you would have to do is mix 1 cup of coffee grinds to 1 cup of lotion and rub it into the affected areas. You would shower in warm water, then towel yourself off, then rub the concoction into the affected areas, then rinse it off. They say, if you have a good balance of diet and exercise, you will have fabulous results! I'll be starting this tomorrow as well.

Be on the look out for some more "coffee post" and health post as well.

Ta ta for now!

13 October 2011

Winter Styles and Shrinkage

I decided to do a length check before I washed my hair, to tell the difference after I trim it.

Yes....I washed my hair the other day (I mean, that would be pretty disgusting on my part after taking down locs if I didn't), and I washed out the pre-poo using my trusty Jason Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner and finished off with an ACV rinse. Here is a close up with the Conditioner in my hair.

Then, I part my hair in quarter sections, that way, the de-tangle process was a bit easier, even if it did get on my nerves. (de-tangling after loc take down is a horrid...oh, the horror!)
After I got all of my hair de-tangled, I saw some SHRINKAGE!

I want you guys to see the difference in the shrinkage and how long my actual hair is. Shrinkage, as we all very well know, is deceiving!

For a protective hair style, I decided to install 3 strand twist, but the way I did them, I braided the top, then started the 3 strand twist in the middle, and finished off with a two strand twist to keep it all in place. I used my trust bottle of water/olive oil and put a little bit of castor oil on the ends.

I plan to keep these in for 2 weeks at the least, 3 weeks at the most. I'll maintain them but oiling my scalp every 2 days and wearing a sating bonnet at night.

10 October 2011

Markings of a New Me!

Alas....I can no longer call myself loc'd lady....but don't be sad for me, no, instead, be happy, rejoice if you must, for....I have taken down my locs and rejoined the ranks of loose natural hair. Sure, it took 4 days to accomplish this feat, but it is well worth it, in my humblest opinion, and all of this was done with a mere rat tooth comb, a spray bottle of water and olive oil, and some conditioner.

Here is a picture of when I took down the first loc, my hair is stretched to show length.....

And here is when a set were completed (By set, I mean at least 10).

Another set, my hair stretched to show length

This is when I put some conditioner on my hair so that it could help in softening my locks and repairing them. I left the conditioner on for 30min.

In this picture, my hair wasn't completely down.....I had to go to a BBQ and I wasn't about to miss it...(Jeema throws some good BBQ's), so I washed the conditioner out of my hair and put some light Pooka oil on it and threw it in a pony puff.

Here is the result of all of my hair being taken out....two pony puff pigtails and a very happy smile!

Tonight, I'm going to pre-poo, using Vatika oil and Amla Oil. I really enjoy the oils, although they do have a certain.....smell about them, but they are really lovely for the hair.

Meh....I know I look rough, but I mean really, should I put on my glamour and make it look like I've gone out for tea and scones with the girls, or should I look like I'm really at home, taking down locs? I choose the second, and sometimes the latter of the matter.

I know that most of you probably have questions as to why I took them down, so, feel free to ask away! Ta ta for now!