13 October 2011

Winter Styles and Shrinkage

I decided to do a length check before I washed my hair, to tell the difference after I trim it.

Yes....I washed my hair the other day (I mean, that would be pretty disgusting on my part after taking down locs if I didn't), and I washed out the pre-poo using my trusty Jason Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner and finished off with an ACV rinse. Here is a close up with the Conditioner in my hair.

Then, I part my hair in quarter sections, that way, the de-tangle process was a bit easier, even if it did get on my nerves. (de-tangling after loc take down is a horrid...oh, the horror!)
After I got all of my hair de-tangled, I saw some SHRINKAGE!

I want you guys to see the difference in the shrinkage and how long my actual hair is. Shrinkage, as we all very well know, is deceiving!

For a protective hair style, I decided to install 3 strand twist, but the way I did them, I braided the top, then started the 3 strand twist in the middle, and finished off with a two strand twist to keep it all in place. I used my trust bottle of water/olive oil and put a little bit of castor oil on the ends.

I plan to keep these in for 2 weeks at the least, 3 weeks at the most. I'll maintain them but oiling my scalp every 2 days and wearing a sating bonnet at night.

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