10 October 2011

Markings of a New Me!

Alas....I can no longer call myself loc'd lady....but don't be sad for me, no, instead, be happy, rejoice if you must, for....I have taken down my locs and rejoined the ranks of loose natural hair. Sure, it took 4 days to accomplish this feat, but it is well worth it, in my humblest opinion, and all of this was done with a mere rat tooth comb, a spray bottle of water and olive oil, and some conditioner.

Here is a picture of when I took down the first loc, my hair is stretched to show length.....

And here is when a set were completed (By set, I mean at least 10).

Another set, my hair stretched to show length

This is when I put some conditioner on my hair so that it could help in softening my locks and repairing them. I left the conditioner on for 30min.

In this picture, my hair wasn't completely down.....I had to go to a BBQ and I wasn't about to miss it...(Jeema throws some good BBQ's), so I washed the conditioner out of my hair and put some light Pooka oil on it and threw it in a pony puff.

Here is the result of all of my hair being taken out....two pony puff pigtails and a very happy smile!

Tonight, I'm going to pre-poo, using Vatika oil and Amla Oil. I really enjoy the oils, although they do have a certain.....smell about them, but they are really lovely for the hair.

Meh....I know I look rough, but I mean really, should I put on my glamour and make it look like I've gone out for tea and scones with the girls, or should I look like I'm really at home, taking down locs? I choose the second, and sometimes the latter of the matter.

I know that most of you probably have questions as to why I took them down, so, feel free to ask away! Ta ta for now!


  1. I love the hair!! If I wasn't anti-locs, I would get them. However, locs aren't my cup of tea so I think I will stick to the braids/twists deal. =)

  2. Your hair is sooo long! Are you going to trim it? And you're right, I do throw a mean BBQ! haha!

  3. Your hair looks great and so do you! I see Woody on your bed btw..lol

  4. Thanks guys! And gosh yes....I'm going to be trimming my hair today and putting it in a protective hair style for at least 2 wks. And Manda....it's my nephews...he thinks that we share a room and can do whatever he pleases in there..lol