17 July 2011

Return to 15 Day Challenge

Needless to say, it is over, but I have found out a lot about other products and my hair through it all.

Here are the remaining three days:

Day 13- Share your favourite natural hair blog/vlog
My favourite blog is hautepinkheels.blogspot.com (highly suggest the visit to this site, so worth while)
My favourite vlogs are by "Thinknappythoughts" and "Ajalocsitup" on youtube.

Day 14- Apply your favourite leave in conditioner and rock a wash n go.
Seeing as how I have locs.....everyday I wash my hair, it's a wash n go day with leave in conditioner....that's just the way of the locs, I suppose.

Day 15- Compile and upload a slideshow of your natural hair journey.
It's a lot of photos.....So, I'm going to do this when I have a bit more free time on my hands.

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