01 August 2011

Natural ways to Dye Hair

I'm big on dying my hair, changing colours whenever I feel the time is appropriate (Mainly, when I get a feel of how free I can be with my hair and whatnot at a certain job).

One day, I came across a recipe to naturally bleach my hair. Yes, I said it. I naturally bleached my hair.


Well, with cinnamon and conditioner. I, of course, added a few extra things (honey and paprika--paprika because I wanted it to have a slightly red tint before I completely finished the dying process) to add a bit of spiciness to the hair. You are supposed to leave the product on overnight, but seeing as I can't stand the smell, nor the taste of cinnamon, I simply couldn't comply with said instruction. Instead, I left it on for about 9hrs. The results weren't bad, for my hair lightened a bit, and then I used Henna on my hair, which helped to give my hair a red tint. My friend said that she could see the red in my hair when the sun light touched my hair jussssst right. I used 250ml (1 cup) of conditioner to 3 tsp cinnamon and 1 tsp paprika and 2tsp honey

So, here is what you'll need:






Here's the instructions on Henna.

I get henna from the local Indian market across the road from my house. I get it in all natural powder form. It's best to get your henna from a reliable Indian/Middle Eastern market because those already sold in jars (in powder form) have been tampered with. With the henna, I squeezed the juice from some lemons and added paprika (see, miracle powder)


Juice of Lemons:

Paprika (see picture above)

This mixture I had to let it set over night at room temperature. (Which means I put it in my kitchen on the floor near the bakers rack) and the next morning I applied it all over my hair, and the part that had been "bleached" previously has a more reddish ruddy tint to it.

ALWAYS REMEMBER! Follow up your henna treatment with a good DEEP CONDITIONER, or your hair will forever hate you! It will be hard and brittle to the touch. I always leave mine in for 25-30 minutes under a towel(s). My deep conditioners usually consist of conditioner (duh), honey, and castor oil/olive oil.

All in all, this is a 2 day process.....so don't start it without having any free time......

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