26 August 2011

I did my hair!!!!

Finally! My hair is tightened!

I used my trusty latch hook......

.....and my trusty spray bottle (that contains olive and castor oils and water). From my experience, my locs have to stay extra wet in order for the best slippage and for my hair to latch without any problems. I'm not sure if it's the same for palm rolling the loc though, but I'm sure it may be.

I made sure that my hair was sectioned off so that no hairs crossed into the wrong loc. And in this picture, you can tell the tightened locs from the untightened locs.

I do the four point rotation.....up, down, right diagonal, left diagonal, until the hair was at the root.

This is what the front of my hair looks like when the loc is tightened.

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