04 August 2011

Starting to be that time......

What time, exactly?

Well, from what people who have locs/dreads/dreadlocks (whichever term they choose to use with theirs) have told me of a time when things get a bit.....ugly.

Ugly, as in fuzziness, random budding, stray hairs, the lot, actually.........and I think that my time has finally come.
On the 14 August 2011 (duh, this year) will be my 8th month loc'd, and I have enjoyed it thus far, even though I get a bit........nostalgic about my loose hair and my puffs, twist outs and such, but loc's just suit me better at the moment.

These are my roots....I suppose....it's a bit fuzzy....lol

1 comment:

  1. I'm not gonna talk about the fact that this whole friggin post is in french and therefore I cannot understand it....

    nice locs boo